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WL&L Blog

a few photos!

kelsie marie mcnair

Im sure you'll recognize this photo of me but here are two pretty ones of my ryan hickey.

Also, thanks again for all of the awesome book suggestions. Its really fantastic to see what you guys like to read!

IN OTHER NEWS! today participated in the Boston Walk for Choice for Planned Parenthood! we met in Allston near where i live and walked to the Commons (boston's mini central park) I didnt make the whole walk because i had to go to work, but it was neat to hold a sign and make some new friends! Im not much of a protester... the last one I went to was fo Prop 8 back in like 2009.. here are pictures from that! amazingggg!

anyway, after an eventful day.. I am really excited to be at home snuggly in my bed reading and ancient mexican civilizations.
i'll be back in a little while to post some more piczzzzz yall.