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kelsie marie mcnair

hope the internet is ready for three REALLY GREAT rolls of film TONIGHT!
ALSO, this past weekend I visited new york to see caitlin play ( at the living room. she always does a BEAUTIFUL job, i want to cry all of the time when i hear her sing. her music makes me feel like im living in a movie or whimsical reproduction of my life, its so unattached to any real species of sound that I have ever heard anyone make on their own. If you havnt spent some time with lacrymosa, I seriously would advise you to purchase her new album Selah

anywho, larcymosa used to be a trio, then it was a duo before it was solo. here is a little clip of a show we had when i was about 17? 16? in a little basement of a church called "the current".

during her show this weekend, she invited me up to sing a lacrymosa favorite! in the gloaming. she invited me up for the last song of her beautiful set. tearful and nervy i accepted! and a new digitized memory was born! THANKS WES FROM FAMILY RECORDS!

Lacrymosa - The Glooming (Traditional Acapella) from Family Records on Vimeo.


Lacrymosa "Simple Questions" [Official Music Video] from AMBIENTAL PICTURES on Vimeo.